Thank you from Shanell VonBargen

Good Evening,

Thank You so much for the care package that I received from you today! What you’re doing is an exceptional morale booster for my Marines and I. It truly means so much that other then us fighting for a cause here, you are out there supporting the troops. It honestly keeps our spirits high and gives us faith. I can tell you that I have been in the Marine Corps now for 10 years and have always been “that Marine” that never received anything from loved ones back home. Your package, was not only a surprise but makes it easier for Marines like myself to know that someone cares enough for us out there and those who have gave their lives, to support us. Your dedication to the memory of LCpl Eric A. Palmisano is truly amazing and helps my younger Marines remember why were are here fighting this fight everyday! So, I would like to extend my greatest THANK YOU to all of you who take your time out for projects like this. You are all an inspiration to us!

With greatest regards,
Sgt Von Bargen, Shanell N.
United States Marine Corps
“Semper Fi”